AbuCiv Updates

      We have only been able to keep in touch with a handful of our offstream class, these are the ones who we have dirt on:

      Shari Imada quit her job in March 1996, sold her car, and put all her stuff in storage, she ran away to Europe for 2 months, then she came back and moved out to Vancouver where she was working for Rogers... until she quit in December 1997 (see I Quit section) and moved to Calgary to move in with her boyfriend Greg. She worked as a General Contrator's Assistant on a housing development project.  She went back to School at U Calgary to complete a Masters in Environmental Design, which she earned in the Fall of 2002. She now works mostly for herself, ensuring lots of "playtime" in the mountains.

      Brent Potts: "So, I'm getting married and having children! What more can I say". Okay, that's in 2004, but how did he get here? Brent did a stint at RWDI in Guelph.. in a wind tunnel.. well, not really IN the tunnel, but very close to it... he spent a few months in Africa after graduation.. then, Brent ran off to Africa again, where he should be staying for the foreseeable future... he's currently a landowner in Uganda.. after surviving a bout of Malaria. Brent is engaged to be married in June 2004. as he says "Yes, in general it is a bit of a hack wedding, but then again, it is mine. Everything is going to be just fine."

      Melanie - lives in Kingston and telecommutes for a company in Mississauga. She has 2 daughters.






      Chantal Van Mierlo worked for Hatch in Mississagua.. then LaFarge until fall 2001....and now for Dillon in London. She bought a house in Woodstock in 99 and is doing the shitty commute to London for now. Rumour has it that she got hitched to some guy in Hamilton in January 2004.

      Deena Duff works for a Knight Piesold in North Bay, and recently bought a house with Danny Russo (from XCIV).  They were married in September 1999... they have one Connor (left) and a daugter, Gabrielle, was born in April 2003. They have recently built a new house on that big lake east of North Bay.

      Brian Verspagen works for CRA in Waterloo. He's got a huge pile of letters after his name now and spends a lot of time resporing cars. He's in the process of completing restoration of a GTO and is amusing himself with restoring a '71 T-37.

      Steve Kemp married Wendy Rebidoux (B.E.S. 94) in October of 94. They bought a house in Scarborough on the Bluffs. He finally put his structures courses to use and built a deck (so far it is still standing). He managed to survive the nightmare of almalgamation and I was last working for the City of Toronto in the Traffic Signal Control Section as "Senior Traffic Engineer" although he is not sure why as there are no junior engineers in sight. Next time you get stopped at a red light in the City of Toronto you can blame him.

      Jenny and Joe are residing in Waterloo - Joe is working at Burnside & Associates, Jenny is growing with Billy 1994, and Mary (1995?)...  they had their 3rd child in Spring 1998! (name unknown).. Joe is rumoured to be competing in Triathlons... and they could very well have more kids by now.

      Kevin and Trish are still hitched... we think they live somewhere in SW Ontario.






      Eva-Melinda Gorgeny just started a new job with Amec in Mississauga. She says that she would like to spend more time with the kids. They now have a little girl and a little boy (at left with "santa"). .. she is still married to the same guy.. she drives 'sporty' vehicle..


      Aaron Sawicki works for Engel Injection Moulding in Guelph, and married Paula Nicholson (from the XCIV class) in August 1996.  Paula and Aaron have 2 children - PJ (born 1994) and Bailey (born 1997) - both pictured at left. They live in Kitchener where Paula works for the Region of Waterloo.





      James Bradbury works for CH2M Gore and Storrie in Calgary

      Rob Flindall works for CH2M Gore and Storrie in Mississauga

      Alfred Lip and Greg DaRe own a house on Lester Street in Waterloo that they rent to students.

      Alf works for Stantec

      Bonnie Marks shared a place with Shari in Vancouver. Bonnie completed her Masters in Civil Engineering at UBC, and is currently working in Vancouver... or is it Victoria?

      Try Khov  is at MMM in Markham

      Rick Goertz worked at MMM for about five years. He had a different, i.e. normal, outlook of the work-to-life relationship than his manager did and the tension was enough to combine with his desire to move back near his parents and brother in Saint Catherines. There his wife could stay at home with their daughter and Rick could easily handle bringing in the dough and even get a bigger home! At first Rick was with T.S.H., but has since moved to yet another company, the name of which escapes me.

      • Duane Girrard is at Cole Shermann
      • Rick Schumaker is either at Cosburn Patterson or MacViro
      • Todd Neff is in Calgary working for a consultant (is that vague enough?)
      • Sarah Bradley could possibly be in Conneticuit.
      • Lisa Thompson might be in Kamloops working for Urban Systems
      • Jay Uchiyama is in Etobicoke
      • Art Hildebrand is in Vancouver
      • Dave Bourne might for for GTAA at Pearson... there are rumours of Dave Bourne and Claire Stewart...
      • Jim Graham works for Waterloo Hydrogeologic.. he's married, has an old house in Kitchener.. 2 dogs and 2 purple cars.

      Married Couples- Malcolm Catto and Georgia Lee, Gerry Smallegange and Katherine, Kevin Blackwell and ?(non class mate), Katherine Mainguy and ? (non class mate)... Kevin English and Patricia Dunn.. Jim Graham is married to Tamara.. Deena Duff married Danny Russo

      Larry Hamlin passed away in a car accident on September 11, 1997 near Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.