The XCIV Zucchini - 25 Year Reunion

University of Waterloo Civil Engineering Class of 1994 (both streams)

Our 25 year reunion will be on Saturday June 1 and Sunday June 2, 2019

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excuse the poor quality of this page - it was done in notepad on a chromebook

As a class we have planned three "events" along with the Chemical and SysDes classes - in addition to the reunion events planned on campus by UW:

Friday- Local Craft Brewery Tour (details TBD depending on interest - ~2pm-7pm - ideally if we have enough people we will rent a small bus at ~$30/pp) Tour Ending at Descendants Brewery (with chem and SD) for an Evening Social (6pm-late)Friday afternoon KW Craft Brewery tour 2 pm - 7 pm - private party buses are super pricey (>$60pp unless we can get 30 people) and we don't really have the numbers for a school bus. I'm still looking at other less expensive options to ferry us around for the afternoon. Right now we have about 10 of us but I expect that will increase a bit more. We are open to other transportation ideas - we could do quite a bit by sticking to the local trail or group

Friday night Social with SD and Chem - 6 pm until late
- they have had higher numbers than anticipated and have filled the Descendents capacity they have reserved and can't increase the booking :( we can either crash the party early and make it part of our brewery tour or crash it later (as general public) - bottom line the place is going to be pretty packed. Geoff from SD is expecting that 9-11pm will be peak.

Friday night dinner - Given the above, we have booked Abe Erb at the Tannery
for dinner at 7pm Friday for up to 16 people - (just a little way down the street from Descendents and they brew too)
- we can still try to crash the SD/chem party later.

Saturday afternoon drop-in - West Gazebo in Waterloo Park is being booked for Saturday from 11 to 4pm
- this is casual drop-in and a place to meet up very near to UW - we will have a few snacks and drinks (and cups) but Pot-Luck snackie type items will be welcome (chips/cookies/veggies etc) a few bucks donation to cover cost of Gazebo ($70) is requested - with any extra going to UW Engineering

Saturday night - Heuther Pool Room Area is booked for 8 pm Saturday
- 100 people shared with SD and Chem - $5 cover for snacks - purchase your own beverages

Sunday - Brunch at Angie's Kitchener in St-Agatha, 10:30am

The planned UW events are outlined on their website.

We have tried to plan our informal events so that you can do it all if you want to! If anyone has other ideas for class events please feel free to make a suggestion to us.

We would like to get an idea of numbers. If you are pretty sure you will show up to event please let us know ASAP

Please let us know by e-mail or you can also search ``XCIV`` under events in Facebook and register there. 

If you decide at the last minute I'm sure we will have no problem accommodating you or your family at the park or Heauther.

If you want to be accessible to people in your class you can register your info with the UW alumni site  for this reunion 

We hope to see lots of you there in June. More updates by e-mail will follow as the event approaches!

Photos from the 10 year reunion are here